Family Matters:  Young Marrieds | 9AM in Room 108 | Teacher: Joe Bowden, Brad Ruhmann and Rob Varney| Bible Studies, Topical Studies, Discussion

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X Class: Single & Married | 9AM in Room 110 | Teacher: Michael McCracken | Bible Studies, Topical Studies, Discussion, Group Learning

Faith Riders: Single & Married | 9 AM in Room 106 | Teachers: Chip Brown and Ceal Ketner Barnett, Tim Smith | Bible Studies, Topical Studies, Discussion

Faith Riders is a group of dedicated believers committed to the cause of Christ and committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone who will listen. You do not have to be a motorcycle rider to be a part of this dynamic class.

Kingdom Seekers: Single & Married | 9 AM in room 105 | Teacher: Joe Hosner | Bible Study: Book Studies,Topical Studies


Primetime: Single & Married | 9 AM in the Fellowship Hall | Teacher: Frank Newberry | Bible Study: Gospel Project Curriculum