Dear Younger Me:

Dear younger me:

"It is not at all how you imagined it would be. You won't sit behind your desk for hours at a time contemplating sermon applications and you won't be a local fixture at a coffee shop as you catch up on latest church growth trends. You haven't written one book. When your phone rings, it won't be someone who wants to discuss point #2 or illistration #3. You won't be loved by everyone, no matter how hard you try. You won't sleep easy. The majority of your time will revolve around the daily struggles in others lives, not around the goals of your own. You will spend much time mending fences, confronting evil, building teams, encouraging those in need of encouragement, and your calendar will ding for meetings and lots of them. Some will think you are too cautious. Others too aggressive. Every decision you make will be crucial and bear much consequence. And no matter how your day is going, you must be ready to love, lead, and not get overwhelmed by the size of the storm you are facing. You will choose to err on the side of grace, and you will learn the value of saying 'I'm sorry.' You will want to do more when sometimes the answer is doing less. Some days you will fail. Some days you will never even make it to the door of your office. You will find your greatest joy in others. Dear younger me. It is not what you thought it would be. It.....is......so....much...greater!!! God didn't call you to be a preacher, he called you to be a pastor and a father and a husband and a neighbor and a friend. Dear younger me. Buckle up butter cup. You are in for the ride if your life and you wont believe the amazing family that you inherit along the way.

Enjoy every day." -Older Me