Welcome to the Ardella events page.

Here you will find a listing of events scheduled for your future planning. 


2018 VBS

Join us on June 4-8th for this years VBS!
Its happening Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
For more information click the learn more botton.


Rainbow Springs Excursion

June 14th, More information coming soon



Out with the Folks

This event takes place every 3rd Tuesday of each month at Dwayne's Place from 9am-10:30am

Mission Meetings

Come on out and see what Ardella is doing in missions. This takes place every 2nd Sunday of each month at Ardella

Mop's Registration begins

May 18th from 9am-7pm in the Cafe'

TCP AUDITIONS / Christmas Program

May 20th, in the Worship Center

Awana Awards

Sunday, May 23rd

VBS Prayer Walk

This happens June 3rd from 8am-9am


June 4th-8th is happening at Ardella Baptist Church

Idols aside basketball camp

June 12th 4pm-9:30pm


Sunday, June 24th from 9am-11:30am

Felton family send off

Join us on June 24th from 6-8pm

July 4th


Back to school outreach

August 11th, 8am-7pm

Mop's @ Ardella

This event happens every Friday beginning August 17th from 1pm-2pm

wednesday Night Fall Bible Study

Starts August 17th

Promotion Sunday

Sunday, August 19th 


Join us for Mothers Of Preschoolers starting August 17th - September 28th at 9am-11pm. 

These events will be held at Ardella Baptist Church.  
Registration begins now!

Click Below to learn more or register

Calling All College Students!! 
Pastor Mark and Kim would like to invite you to a weekly summer study in their home starting THIS Thursday night at 7 pm. Our desire is for this to be a time and place of support, love, growth, and community. "Will there be food?" Of course. And sometimes worship. And sometimes swimming. And sometimes movies. And sometimes games. But all the time Bible Study!! If you are looking for a place to connect, please PM or simply show up. "What should you bring?" Good question. Bible. Note pad. Pen. Keep a swim suit in the car just in case. It starts this Thursday night at 7 pm and will end when we kick you out. 

Feel free to contact the Ardella office for the address:  (863)646-2473