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Join us for Mothers Of Preschoolers starting August 17 - May 24, 2018 at 9am-11pm. 

These events will be held at Ardella Baptist Church.  
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Ardella Fall Market & Craft Fair

Enjoy a morning of fun shopping for unique Fall, Christmas and everyday items as well as delicious baked goods. 

Event is inside and admission is FREE. 

Lots of great door prizes: 1 entry for $1, 20 entries for $10 or 50 entries for $20 - you do not need to be present to win.

If you are interested in being a vendor for this event, please download the vendor interest form below and return it to Ardella Baptist Church Attention: Kim Bedwell

~~ Sponsored by Ardella Baptist Church ~~

Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith

I believe moms need a better message than the current culture is delivering. The past several years, I’ve met thousands of moms who are working faithfully to raise a generation of children amidst the noise and chaos of a culture that is searching for answers. I believe there is a way to be MomStrong despite our confusing culture, and it starts by returning to the time-tested truth that’s found in God’s Word.

Moms today need to find new strength for the challenges they’re facing, and I believe that strength is found in community. We really are stronger together. I believe that if we come together and hold each other up when we’re exhausted and encourage each other through hard days, then our motherhood and our faith can point the precious people around us to the Father.

Join me for an event where we'll dig into the Word of God, worship our Creator and encourage one another as we shape the next generation. Let's learn to fight for our family and our faith together!

*Content is applicable in the life of any woman as we're all given the charge to shape those younger than we are.

*Babes in arms are always welcome, as are teens at your parental discretion. Heidi will feel free to discuss issues facing our culture today.


Meet Heidi St. John, Author of Becoming MomStrong: How to Fight with All That's in You for Your Family and Your Faith


  • Saturday, September 22 | Doors Open 8:15 | Event 9:00am-5:30pm | Lunch about Noon



Wednesday's from 6:30pm - 8:30pm in the Kids Ministry


Check your bulletin for a current schedule

out with the folks

Tuesday, September 18th, 9am @ Freds Market


Sunday, September 23rd, 9am - 11am

Fall Market and Craft Fair

Saturday; October 20th @9am til 12pm